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The Municipality of Aalborg’s Central Education Office works to support the 56 local schools in the district. The Central Education Office’s job is to organize events such as workshops, courses, and events for employees in the municipality. The office consists of seven departments including Learning and Pedagogy, Aalborg Youth School, Service and Personnel, and IT.

The entire office works towards a common vision known as In the Know. The Learning and Pedagogy department, who is responsible for this homepage, has 19 consultants who work on everything from International cooperation to language development.


The department is also responsible for introducing political strategies and polices to the municipality’s schools. You can find some of these strategies and policies translated on this site. In addition to this work, consultants also work with development projects, such as education goals and treadmill desks, and with network facilitation.

For more information on how we work as a Central Education Office, and what our vision is for the future, you can read our introduction packet, Welcome to the Central Education Office, or contact our International Consultant Ann Katrine Rannestad at

If you or your school are interested in working together on an international project, you are welcome to contact us.

In the Know

What does it mean?

A person who is In the Know is someone who is enlightened. They possess a thorough specialist knowledge that enables them to explore and act, providing them with courage and identity? They are capable of storing knowledge and experience, to draw on it and learn the new.

Those who are In the Know attract like-minded people and vice versa. They develop together and thus, the world around them.


How do we do it?

Public schools in Aalborg will make In the Know a reality by:

  • Strengthening professionalism

  • Increasing the inter-professional collaboration

  • Improving the democratic communities

  • Always taking care of the individual child

  • Always providing high quality in all learning situations.

  • Always involving the surrounding world at school and vice versa.

What is our goal?
  1. Everyone can see that they become better every day

  2. Everyone has the courage to participate in the world around them

  3. Everyone has a friend at school

  4. Learning is predominantly experimental and problem-solving

  5. All staff work systematically with knowledge production

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